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Before starting to reveal some of the most effective pigeon pest control solutions, it would be interesting to share with you one good ancient Chinese proverb. It sounds like – “You can not stop the birds of sorrow from flying over your head but you can stop them from building a nest in your hair”. While this has a deep Bee Removal Jamestown TN philosophical meaning and approach it can still be applied to some of the issues that we encounter on a daily basis, especially when dealing with pigeon removal in big cities like London or New York.

Keeping pigeons away from your property is not that complicated as it seems. It is not rocket science. However, first of all it is necessary to Jamestown TN mention some of the unknown and unpleasant issues that these birds might contribute to. There have been many debates about pigeons carrying diseases which can be transmitted to us, human beings, via direct contact or their feces. However, experts say that these statements have no solid scientific proof. On the other hand, it is well known that their droppings can Bed Bug Treatment Cost Jamestown TN damage the paint on your vehicle or the finish on a construction. This can actually cause more headache to owners of buildings and houses then the possible diseases that they might be transmitters of.

These are the most reliable pigeon control methods that are going to keep them away from your property.

a) Pigeon Spikes.

Using pigeon spikes that are ideal for modifying Jamestown TN the roost of a house is an effective technique. Roost modification means changing the ledges of a building in such a way that pigeons no longer wish to land on them. The changing of ledges by applying spikes is a very humane method of pigeon control. The spikes do not actually hurt the pigeons – they simply act as a Jamestown TN physical barrier, preventing pigeons from landing.

b) Pigeon Repellent

A pigeon repellent is a semi toxic spray substance that can be purchased in any pest control store. It is effective but people that have pets in or near their house often tend to avoid it as it might bring more harm then benefit. We do not recommend using a chemical pigeon repellent Jamestown TN until consulting with a pigeon exterminating expert.

c) Pigeon Netting

Netting is another form of physical barrier that stops birds from landing in places that you want to keep them away from. It is another effective method that doesn’t use any rude tricks. While pigeon extermination techniques are allowed mostly everywhere it is still not good to use deadly methods to get Jamestown TN rid of these birds.

d) Specialist Cleaning

However, if you are totally against fighting the pigeon’s presence on the roof of your house, then you might try other methods to deal with their feces and nests. There are companies that provide a great clean up service of pigeon droppings and general muck. This is an alternative for all those that can afford Jamestown TN more pricey services and are not willing to install spikes, nets or use some kind of pigeon repellent.

Pest Control Services in Jamestown TN 38556

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